Evolving a Layout

Following a thorough review of the opportunities and constraints of the site, a masterplan has been prepared setting out the anticipated development parcels for the site. The masterplan can be seen below.

The site layout followed the design parameters identified and provides a high quality response to the site constraints and opportunities.  All future occupiers will be presented with the real housing choices and a safe and secure environment.

Given the significant tree cover the proposals have a carefully designed landscape strategy which retains the desirable elements of woodland planting. This is supplemented by the reintroduction of native species.

The management of the ecological value of the site, generous green infrastructure in the form of two areas of open space containing play equipment to enhance recreational opportunities, and the use of sustainable drainage systems which in turn provide woodland habitats combine to create a positive enhancement.

Retention of the existing footpath which crosses the site to connect with the recently constructed crossing on Birmingham Road, which when taken together with the network of footpath’s within the site, maximises connectivity and permeability. The proposals seek to further enhance sustainable connection along Far Moor Lane with the provision of new 2m footways along the site frontage.

A logical road hierachy results in a varied streetscapes with the distinct character areas and a wide choice of house types and sizes.

Morris Homes award winning house types define the quality sought by both local and national planning policies. The range of dwellings proposed offer accessible and varied choice.